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Game delayed

Posted by ProfessorFlash - October 27th, 2010

Been a busy few weeks with exams and other school work but on top of that my 'internet adapter' (not sure if that is right translation) suddenly died on me. I had to be almost a week without internet!! Can you imagine the horror?! :)

So while the game was pretty much finished, I got a lot of feedback on the graphics; more so that they sucked. Not really a surprise as I made them myself :). I'll just stick to what I know and that is coding which means I'm trying to find an artist to work on this game. This will delay the game obviously. Hard to give a time estimate but I think we are talking about weeks here and not days.

Edit 5.10.2010: Artist found. Started work. Hopefully won't take too long.

Edit 7.12.2010: The work on the graphics is quite slow. I'm not sure why, but after couple early active days the work has slowed down considerably. Haven't received many updates from the artist. I may have to find a new one if things don't pick up :(.

Edit: 23.12.2010: Work has picked up again. We are nearing the finish. Hopefully the game will be for sponsorship auction after new years, and released mid-January. The schedules never seem to stick so we will see :P.

Comments (5)

It is weird, they think your art was bad, I really thought it was good. Well, good lucky with the artist! :)

I think the graphics are acceptable too, but dunno, people have high expectations these days.

How's going the game professor? The artist is doing well? :)

It's going good. He is a good artist, but I guess he could work a bit faster :P. Or maybe I'm too impatient in seeing the game finished. I'm hoping we will get it ready before December, but it's mostly up to the artist on how fast he works.

Looking forward to test the final version! :D

Merry Post-Christmas! :)

You too

The game is going well? :)

No. The artist delaying everything once again by not doing anything.