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kids cartoon

This is very saturday morning. You nailed the childish tone a little too well. I can only compliment you on the technical execution and the smooth animation. As a movie, I can't imagine anyone over 12yo enjoying it. It is weird because Skyrim is PG-18 game, but you made a movie about it targeting 6-12 year old kids... They can't play Skyrim, they won't get it. Those who can play Skyrim won't like the childish tone.


I thought this movie was gonna be about rape. Is therapist really written like that? "The rapist", wow. Well I'm a little disappointed cuz of no rape...


Well the music sucked but the animation was awesome. Good job.


Smooth and nice animation but that was probably the worst song you could have picked for it. Hate the song with all my heart and it kinda ruined the animation too for me.

punch line failure

Don't normally review movies but the mega failure on the punch line needs noting. Was that ever funny? Like did it sound funny in your head? It completely killed the whole movie and made me feel little awkward because it was just such a bad joke, and not in the "it's so bad it's funny" way, but plain bad.

DestructoBox responds:

Thanks for the review. I'm curious to see if our others rub you as wrong as this one. Check em out!


Very funny. Great work with the puns :). Hope you make another.


Dumb movie. You basically just picked 100 things from cod:waw and put them in. You didn't discriminate if the thing was good or bad, but since the movie should be about the things "we" hate about cod:waw, it's just dumb to see the good things about it on your list. Obviously there is not 100 bad things in the game, thus this movie fails. Maybe try making the 10 things that suck in cod:waw and put some more effort in displaying them. With 100 things you just filled the list with crap and even the good features, which makes you look like a retard who doesn't know anything about the game :P.

MoozipanCheese responds:

I know a lot about this game. Perhaps before calling me a retard you should learn how to become literate? And what the word 'satire' means.


The "I am Eagle" bit was great. I cracked up there :D.

he said shit

That wasn't funny or anything. It seemed natural to say shit in that situation.

brilliant :D

I havent laughed this hard on any flash :D. This is without a doubt one of my favorite comedy flashes. Good job with it. 5/5 10/10

I like the things I like.

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