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ProfessorFlash's News

Posted by ProfessorFlash - December 13th, 2011

It took way too long but it's finally released. Enjoy and feel free to drop a comment.

Posted by ProfessorFlash - September 6th, 2011

I've started two new game projects. One of them is Jetpack Bob which will be more traditional platformer game with the twist being that you hop around using a jetpack. Other project is yet unnamed and I'm doing the coding for it only so I can't say much about it yet but it will also be a platformer game.

So shockingly I like platformer games :). They may not be original but at least they are fun. Can't give any dates for the releases as both are in early stages.

On side note; Gravity Bob is still up for bidding on fgl. There doesn't seem to be many sponsors viewing it so I'm letting it just stand there for now and maybe one day a big spender will come along :).

Posted by ProfessorFlash - July 19th, 2011

The sponsor (MofunZone) turned out to be a real dickface and didn't want to uphold the sponsorship deal they made with me for no apparent reason, so the end result is that the deal is cancelled. And I can say with pure objectivity that it is all their fault. I added their API and shit really fast, but they for some reason were just delaying in "approving" the game without giving any reasons. To put the long story short; I did everything they asked, they didn't pay me, deal was cancelled.

So Gravity Bob is currently frozen as I don't have the time or motivation to sit down and remove all the Mofunzone crap and make couple of changes I wanted to make as well. I'll probably pull my shit together at Fall when school starts, we'll see.

Edit 10.8.2011: Today I had a surge of motivation and hours later, voila! Gravity Bob has been cleansed of the mofunzone crap and I added the few new features I wanted to. It's now back up on fgl, and I expect the sponsorship finding process to take weeks. But I'll wait max 4 weeks with the sponsorship search. This game has been too long journey, once again, *sigh*.

Posted by ProfessorFlash - January 25th, 2011

Had to ditch my previous artist for my upcoming game, Gravity Bob. After three months he hasn't completed all the graphics, and furthermore has not replied to me for over three weeks. I didn't want to do it, but really I had no choice.

But the good news is, I instantly hooked up with another good artist and it's looking promising. He has promised to complete all the graphics in about one week. But as long as we get the game ready in couple of weeks, I'm happy with that. For such a small game this has taken way too long but hopefully the long journey is soon over.

edit 11.4.2011: I found the game a sponsor, but the sponsor is 'really busy' and is delaying the game release. I need him to set up highscores on his site but he is apparently very busy man :P. So once again I find myself in a situation where I have no control when the game is released. It sucks, but hopefully wont take too long. The thought of the moniez keeping me still somewhat positive :). So Gravity Bob is still coming 'soon', I just don't know how soon, lol :).

Posted by ProfessorFlash - October 27th, 2010

Been a busy few weeks with exams and other school work but on top of that my 'internet adapter' (not sure if that is right translation) suddenly died on me. I had to be almost a week without internet!! Can you imagine the horror?! :)

So while the game was pretty much finished, I got a lot of feedback on the graphics; more so that they sucked. Not really a surprise as I made them myself :). I'll just stick to what I know and that is coding which means I'm trying to find an artist to work on this game. This will delay the game obviously. Hard to give a time estimate but I think we are talking about weeks here and not days.

Edit 5.10.2010: Artist found. Started work. Hopefully won't take too long.

Edit 7.12.2010: The work on the graphics is quite slow. I'm not sure why, but after couple early active days the work has slowed down considerably. Haven't received many updates from the artist. I may have to find a new one if things don't pick up :(.

Edit: 23.12.2010: Work has picked up again. We are nearing the finish. Hopefully the game will be for sponsorship auction after new years, and released mid-January. The schedules never seem to stick so we will see :P.

Posted by ProfessorFlash - October 9th, 2010

Alright, update! I had a game idea and I started working on it yesterday, and I got it pretty much done today :). Never worked this fast, but then again the game is quite simple but I think it's still very much fun. So I did go with 'fun' and 'simple' like I guessed in my previous newspost.

I'll be adding finishing touches on it tomorrow and get some friends to play test it. I'm going to try to get it sponsored so don't expect the game to be submitted very soon. The sponsorship process can at worst case take couple of weeks.

About the game now, working title is "McBalls" :D. Pretty stupid name no doubt, it's because the main character is a ball :). Will most likely change it to something else before the game is released.
The game is a puzzle platformer. The gameplay revolves around switching gravity. As an idea it's quite simple but hopefully the levels I made (15 levels) will be challenging and fun at the same time.

I may post the game on the flash forums if I need some more beta testers so keep on eye out for that possibility :). That is all for now.

Posted by ProfessorFlash - September 22nd, 2010

I'm thinking about my next game. It needs to fill these 3 requirements; simple, unique and fun. So far I have thought of ideas that only meet two of those requirements. I acknowledge that is a tall order to come up with an idea that meets all 3 of them, so I'm also thinking which of the two requirements are most important. I'm leaning towards simple and fun but I can see that kind of game passing with ~3 score, so that doesn't motivate me much. Definitely won't make unique and fun because that is so much work, hehe :). Maybe simple and unique? But if it isn't fun nobody is going to play it :P. Okay I'll get back to thinking.

(feel free to post an idea in comments if you want to, I may or may not steal it, depends how good it is :))

Posted by ProfessorFlash - March 4th, 2010

Finally it's on the portal! Give it a try:


Leave the reviews in the game, but you are free to drop me a comment here or say something you forgot to say in your review.

Enjoy the game! :)

Posted by ProfessorFlash - October 15th, 2009

After a struggle I've finally found a dedicated artist to work with me, Mr Ani-x. This means a new game will be coming out soon from me!

It's a classic arcade style game. You control a mining cart riding on a set of tracks. Your objective is to avoid incoming traffic and obstacles. Basically survive as long as possible. You get abilities to help you on your way and you can collect gold bags to increase your score. It's a fun highscore driven game that hopefully is addictive and will keep people coming back trying to get better scores.

I haven't decided on a name for this game yet, and frankly I'm hitting blank thinking what to call it. If a name popped into your head after reading the game description above, please comment here. If I'll use your name suggestion, I'll add you to the game credits.

Posted by ProfessorFlash - May 19th, 2009

Working on the power of three project right now. Got me a good team.

Snicp, the artist.
Shakyjake, the musician.
And yours truly, the coder.

We got a nice game idea, but I'm not going to spill it out yet. After we got the production in good order, I'll post in with something :).

Edit 21.5.2009: And this died thanks to Tom adding extra requirements :P. Shame, we had a good game idea.

Please do not submit a team application unless two of your team members have won awards on Newgrounds.

I'm sorry to have to limit this event, but if it gets too big, I feel that participating teams could suffer. I may be imposing a cut-off of 33 teams, so that we have a manageable number for the release schedule and ongoing publicity.