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I found this game to be quite confusing. At first I didn't realize what you are supposed to do and kept dying seemingly for no apparent reason. Clicking the sword at middle of the screen seemed like the only action you can make. After several tries I think you are fighting against the small enemies that come to the right side of the screen? Why are you so far away from the enemy? There's very little visual clues as to what is happening. The graphics are good but as a game I found it quite lacking.

Neat little game. This game taught me I'm not good at this kind of games, lol. Small annoyance was that the letters kept moving towards the center when you pick one off and when you are picking them off from the center then there's a chance for a misclick on the wrong letter.

Nice platformer with good looking graphics. I found the keyboard controls little awkward but luckily I did have my gamepad close by. The game turned out to be deceptively difficult. I already got stuck at like level 4 or 5 (not sure since they arent numbered). Good job nonetheless.

Wolod responds:

Thanks for playing! I'm going to record a video playthrough and add link into the description.

Well made game and I like the graphics and music. But one big problem is that the window is too small. I can barely see shit, and the blinking/neoncolors isn't helping. The small window is too big of a problem for me to enjoy this.

Solid platformer as the first one, but one big mistake. I have to take my hand off keyboard after every level just to use the mouse to click "Next level". Soooo basic mistake, and yes it is a big one. Otherwise the game is well polished. It's way too annoying to play like this because the levels are pretty short as well.


I haven't played the previous parts but this game is awesome. Cute graphics and very well fitting music and the briefings are funny too. Only problem is that in big explosions (buildings falling over) it gets little laggy but I can live with that. Good job.


The game just keeps restarting itself as soon as the level 1 starts, it throws me back at the main menu.

JeffersonTD responds:

That's unfortunate. Sorry for that.

I try to reproduce the bug so I could fix it, but in the meanwhile just try starting the flash again. I think that should let you avoid the problem, and let you play the game, since I believe the bug itself happens very seldomly.

bugged hard

Did you update this and break it? I found several critical bugs. The music is playing multiple times on top of each other, thank god for the mute button. The game restarts itself constantly. Meaning that when I start a level, couple of seconds later I'm suddenly back at the main menu again. This happened with different levels. Completely unplayable game at its current state.

not shit

It's a nice physics game. Nice new little twist that I haven't seen before. The graphics were ok. The music reminded me of the 90s. And the puzzles actually got little challenging later on. Good job.


First of all, that is the gayest sponsor splash screen I've ever seen. Nice way to trick people thinking that is the game main menu and get them to click the buttons which all lead to the sponsors site.

Secondly, a defense game where you just click one spot in the game screen and the Dragon shoots and aims for you? Has gaming really gone down so hard that people don't even need to aim anymore in a shooting game...

Thirdly, 10 second pause between levels just to show the sponsor logo again and get us to click it? Man, I hope you got paid well for all this intrusive sponsor crap cuz it's ruining the game.

I like the things I like.

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